Feb 04

The Blitz Super Bowl LI Weekend Edition 2/4/17

The Blitz - Super Bowl LI Weekend Edition

💣Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault in Sports:

I enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to speak with Robert Morris on this important subject.  I hope you’ll check out his article:

🐻Bears Owner Supports a Bill that Would Block Workers Comp for Pro Athletes in Ilinois:

💡Concussion Discussion:

And if that isn’t bad enough…

💉Painkiller Pandemonium:

🏈Deflategate Dive:

This article delves into what happens when powerful corporations assert their power. Regardless of your Deflategate views, this is a good read…If it could happen to Tom Brady, it could happen to anyone.

👮🏽Crime Blotter:

📓NCAA Notebook:

Title IX:

⚖Litigation Lane:

🎲The Scoop on Sports Betting:

🖇This & That: