Feb 25

The Blitz Weekend Edition 2/25/17

The Blitz

⚖Litigation Lane:

NFL vs. Insurers

In view of the new filing, which was a letter from the insurers to the Court, I updated the article I wrote last week. Here’s the latest.

New Concussion Lawsuit against the NCAA

Lawsuit stemming from a parent’s alleged unsportsman-like conduct

Bellator lawsuit

Maurkice Pouncey civil lawsuit

Potential litigation

👮Crime Blotter:

Cuban baseball player smuggling

Larry Sanders

Scott Mersereau

💡Concussion Discussion:

On Thursday Dr. Bennet Omalu spoke at Boston College.  Here are some of the high points of his adddress:

And here’s an article I wrote last week detailing his letter about the NHL’s CTE denial.

Concussions in NASCAR

Concussions are increasing for female athletes

🌿Marijuana Debate:

Against CDC advise, Trump administration seeks to restrict marijana use in order to diminish opioid addiction problem.

🏈NFL Sidelines:

⚾️MBL Strikes:

🖇This & That:

Illegal detention of Muhammad Ali’s son at Florida airport

I have to wonder if this is happening to someone as well known as the son of “The Greatest,” what happens to people of lesser resources who are not well known.