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Feb 16

The Blitz 2/16/17

⚠️Player Health & Safety: Mental illness is often brushed into the shadows, but it shouldn’t be.  If you only read one article, make it this one. Very important read (thanks @SheillaDingus)…Former NHL goalie @CoreyHirsch: Coping with darkness @PlayersTribune. — Ron Barry (@ronbarry21) February 16, 2017 Illinois Workers Compensation Bill I wrote this earlier in …

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Feb 14

The Blitz 12/14/17

Player Rights, Health & Safety: I published an article yesterday on Illinois Senate Bill 12 which if passed will curtail workers’ compensation benefits to professional athletes.  This is an article from Derek Helling.  In it he brings out some additional facts and takes a different perspective that I did, but pretty much arrives at the same …

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Feb 13

The Blitz 2/13/17

Litigation Lane: Jury trial in Joe Mixon civil case set for Sept. 12, 2017, per court order: — Daniel Wallach (@WALLACHLEGAL) February 13, 2017 ICYMI: Dr. Mitch Abrams weighs in on how to curb the violent culture in college athletics. Judge orders Canadian hockey leagues to unseal financial records — LexSportiva (@AMELIAsportLAW) February …

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Feb 11

The Blitz Weekend Edition 2/11/17

Crime Blotter: Charles Oakley headlines “Crime Blotter” today although it’s questionable in regard to whether his actions actually constitute a crime, as Dolan’s response draws angst from players and fans alike.  Could Charles Oakley sue James Dolan and the Knicks? (by @McCannSportsLaw) — The Crossover (@TheCrossover) February 11, 2017 I love NYC I LOVE …

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Feb 10

The Blitz 2/10/17

Concussion Discussion: If the #NFL is a “league of denial” in regard to #CTE, the #NHL is a “league of denial” squared. My latest… — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 10, 2017 Company Promised to Advance Settlements Allegedly Scammed 9/11, #NFL #Concussion Victims via @kensweet @cjournal — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 9, 2017 Painkiller Pandemonium: …

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Feb 09

The Blitz 2/9/17

Concussion Discussion Judge Brody’s Concussion Settlement Conference I compiled screenshots, tweets & notes from Judge Brody’s #Concussion Settlement Conf & put them here for reference — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 8, 2017 More on this via @NYDNSportsITeam Judge reminds #NFL retirees of #concussion settlement — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 9, 2017 More on …

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Feb 08

The Blitz 2/8/17

💡Concussion Discussion: Stream is 10:30 AM ET today! Link to watch: — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 8, 2017 Attention former NFL players: IMPORTANT NEWS#NFL concussion hearing Wednesday to be aired live online — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 8, 2017 Whether you’re experiencing symptoms now or not register. If you don’t you’ll lose …

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Feb 07

The Blitz 2/7/17

🏈NFL Sidelines: Viral Super Bowl ad highlights wage gap as cheerleaders sue NFL via @MaryEmilyOHara — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 7, 2017 Judge who ruled for Brady in #Deflategate weighs in on #SuperBowl — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) February 6, 2017 Great take by @SheillaDingus on a likely and perspective-changing possibility on Tom Brady’s …

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Feb 06

The Blitz 2/6/17

Super Bowl LI: A fitting (and thrilling) conclusion to Deflategate Today’s Boston Herald Wrap — Boston Herald (@bostonherald) February 6, 2017 The Patriots trailed by 25 points with 2 minutes 12 seconds remaining in the third quarter. And they won. — NYT Sports (@NYTSports) February 6, 2017 A perfect ending to this …

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Feb 04

The Blitz Super Bowl LI Weekend Edition 2/4/17

💣Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault in Sports: I enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to speak with Robert Morris on this important subject.  I hope you’ll check out his article: @MitchAbramsPsyD and @SheillaDingus tackle the Joe Mixon incident — and it’s fascinating insight: — Robert Morris (@robmooremonthly) February 3, 2017 Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon …

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