Mar 20

The Blitz 3/20/17

⚖️Litigation Lane:

Jerry Sandusky

Deflategate (the gift that keeps on giving)


CHL Minimum Wage Lawsuit

👮Crime Blotter:

Theft of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey

💡Concussion Discussion:

Some stuff from 2013 resurfaced over the weekend. As they say…”nothing new under the sun.”

Concussion denial

The human cost:

In case you’re wondering why I’ve included this under the “Concussion Discussion” header, ALS is one of many debilitating conditions attributed to head trauma.

ICYMI: My interview with NFL wife Cyndy Feasel.  What she has to say is very important!

Player Rights and Safety:



💉Painkiller Pandemonium & PED Connection:

🌿Cannabis Conversation:

✊🏾Athlete Activism:

Colin Kaepernick


🏈NFL Sidelines:

This was from 2013. Not much has changed with the “accessible” commissioner, who claims media availability “nearly every day.”

🏀NBA Hoops:

🏒NHL Breakaways:

📓NCAA Notebook;

🏀Remembering Pat Summitt:

🎲The Scoop on Sports Betting:

📱esports Equation:

🖇This & That:

For more from Dr. Abrams, check out this article he wrote for Advocacy for Fairness in Sports.