The Blitz 3/22/17

⚖️Litigation Lane:

Dennis Wideman / Deflategate connection

NCAA Settlement

Harvard Title IX lawsuit

Sandusky Trial

👮Crime Blotter:

Theft of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jerseys

Michael Thomas

💉Painkiller Pandemonium:

Bottom line:

(Falcons are highlighted but not singled out. Sufficient evidence points to painkiller abuse, misuse, and unlawful conduct as a league-wide problem.)

💡Concussion Discussion:

Read Cyndy’s story here.

Gale Sayers

🏈NFL Sidelines:

⚾️MLB Strikes:

✊🏾Athlete Activism:

Colin Kaepernick

I have no problem with Elway expressing his beliefs; but I do have a problem with the hypocritical manner in which some who share their beliefs are punished while others have immunity.

🎲The Scoop on Sports Betting:

🖇This & That:

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