Nov 05

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Week in Review – October 29 – November 4, 2017

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Ezekiel Elliott

The best Twitter commentary as it happened in real-time and in chronological order:

And the best Zeke articles to emerge this week:

NFL Concussion Settlement

New Status Report Released:


Objections to Seeger Weiss fee petition:

The count is now up to 419.

(⬆️Follow-up story on this coming soon.⬆️)

NFL Painkiller Lawsuits

Colin Kaepernick Grievance

Erin Henderson vs. Jets

Minor League Baseball Wage Lawsuit

👨‍✈️Crime Blotter:

Cuban Ballplayer Smuggling Case

💡Concussion Discussion:

🚫Domestic Violence in Sports:

🏈NFL Sidelines:

Apparently this never happened:

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🎲The Scoop on Sports Betting: