Apr 07

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As March ends, the ‘madness’ in D1 basketball continues

A new NCAA D1 men’s basketball champion will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 3 and going forward throughout the year, but it’s not difficult to look around and see outside of the cavalcade of names on championship banners from year to year, not much else has changed in the game. A recent study by Jason Belzer and Eli Boettger for Athletic Director U highlights the fact that the industry of coaching collegiate basketball is still stuck in the mid-20th century. The study claims to reveal discrimination in the coaching ranks that is not only prevalent but institutionalized. Read More about “As March ends, the ‘madness’ in D1 basketball continues”

Pro Se Motion withheld from docket in NFL Concussion Settlement – Why?

Last week I reported on a motion filed by Locks Law Firm seeking to work as administrative counsel in the NFL Concussion Settlement in order to correct the failings of the settlement caused by the NFL’s aggressive stance against legitimate claims coupled with Co-Lead Class Counsel Chris Seeger’s inability or unwillingness to defend the players he was appointed to represent.  The motion carefully details fourteen points in which the settlement has been amended, at least in practice, in ways favorable to the NFL and detrimental to the players it was purposed to compensate for the results of brain injury from their NFL careers.  More than twenty law firms filed joinder to the motion, pleading the court for administrative relief.  One pro se Class Member also filed a joinder as is the right of those who are self-represented, but for reasons yet to be explained, the motion was neither acknowledged by the Court nor posted to the docket as protocol would demand. Read More about “Pro Se Motion withheld from docket in NFL Concussion Settlement – Why?”

Letter to Judge Brody from Concussion Settlement Class Members

The undersigned Class Members wish to express our support of the motion of Class Counsel Locks Law Firm for Appointment of Administrative Class Counsel.  As the Settlement has reached the one-year mark of claims processing we have sadly learned that we were deceived by the NFL and our own Co-Lead Class Counsel, Chris Seeger.  The Settlement has devolved into a “bait and switch” scheme in which players and their families were sold a completely different program than the one aggressively marketed to them. Read More about “Letter to Judge Brody from Concussion Settlement Class Members”