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Explosive Brief Puts Lane Johnson Back in the Game

Lane Johnson explosive brief NFLPA

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Neurologists Question NFL Concussion Settlement Diagnostics

Texas Neurological Society

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Lane Johnson and Eric Reid Search for Truth about NFL Drug Testing

Lane Johnson, Eric Reid NFLPA PED

Lane Johnson’s response to the NFLPA’s motion for summary judgment is due today. UPDATE: An explosive brief exposing conflicting testimony between the NFL and NFLPA, and among NFL employees, as well as the NFLPA’s narrative to one federal court in contrast with an opposite narrative in a different federal court, puts Lane Johnson back in …

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Behold! A gifted horse!

Trojan Horse - NFL Concussion Settlement - Seeger- Goodell

Part II of a deep-dive on recent NFL Concussion Settlement developments:

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Who’s Behind the Curtain of the latest NFL Concussion Settlement Ruling?

Who's behind the curtain of the latest NFL concussion settlement ruling?

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NFL Concussion Settlement Hearing Cancelled

Judge Anita B. Brody Cancels Concussion Settlement Hearing

Here’s the quick version.  I’ll write more tomorrow.

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The NFL’s trying to catch a bunch of Players in one net…

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The Moral Bankruptcy of College Football

Plantation college football

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Mike Peluso files lawsuit against NHL’s Devils

Mike Peluso lawsuit

  Read the complete lawsuit here.  

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Hearing Date Set for NFL Appeal of Generally Consistent in Concussion Settlement

NFL Concussion Settlement Hearing

Approximately 9PM EST, Podhurst Orsek filed a motion requesting leave to participate in the hearing. Details in the tweet thread. (Click on tweet to expand.) Update: @PodhurstOrseck has requested leave to speak at the January 10 #NFL Concussion Settlement hearing. It’s worth noting that Steven Marks is a member of class counsel. Clearly he has …

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