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Past Litigation

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Michael Pennel

Why Packers’ Mike Pennel’s Suit Against the NFL & NFLPA Isn’t Likely to Go Far

By Sheilla Dingus December 1, 2016   On Tuesday Michael Pennel, defensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers filed a complaint in the Northern District of Ohio against both the NFL and NFLPA alleging improprieties in his upcoming appeal arbitration with the league. Pennel, who received notice of discipline for violation of the league’s substance …

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Hall of Fame Game Suit

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Art DeCarlo

Recent Court Ruling in DeCarlo Wrongful Death Lawsuit May Prove Beneficial to Other CTE Cases

In November 2015 a wrongful death law suit was filed against the NFL by Arthur DeCarlo Jr., son of Arthur “Art” DeCarlo Sr., who was a defensive back in the NFL from 1953 through 1960. Drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1953, DeCarlo Sr. was quickly traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers where he played for a year prior to enlistment in the Army. While still in the Army, his contract was traded to the Washington Redskins. Afterward, he finished his NFL career playing for the Baltimore Colts from 1957 – 1960. “DeCarlo was exposed to numerous concussive and sub-concussive blows throughout his NFL career, [including] . . . loss-of-consciousness concussions where DeCarlo was subsequently returned to game play within the same game, within several plays of having been rendered unconscious,” states DeCarlo Jr., in the lawsuit.

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Strikes For Kids Charity Files Emergency Motion to Compel Deposition of Roger Goodell

Strikes for Kids, a charity that benefits children’s and youth organizations planned a bowling event for July 12 of last year, in which twenty-five NFL players were scheduled to attend and assist in raising money for Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada. The event was to take place at Strike Zone Bowling Center, a bowling alley that is part of the Sunset Hotel and Casino complex. According to court documents, in late June 2015, a mere two weeks prior to the event, Joseph Allen, the founder of Strikes for Kids, was contacted by a lawyer from the NFL’s office in New York, with alleged concern that NFL players attending the Charity Event would be in violation of the NFL gambling policy.

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Ezekiel Elliott

What’s next for Ezekiel Elliott and NFL Domestic Violence Policy?

The NFL has botched a number of domestic violence investigations over the past few years unleashing a public relations nightmare for the league. A seemingly contrite Roger Goodell pledged to do better after public outrage from the Ray Rice fiasco nearly cost the NFL a lucrative Anheiser Busch relationship. Part of his new “get tough plan” included a baseline six-game suspension for first-time domestic violence offenders. Then last year he reduced that suspension for unknown mitigating circumstances to a mere one-game suspension for Giants’ kicker Josh Brown; that is until Brown’s own journal admitting abuse surfaced in the media. Another firestorm of public rage erupted, again bringing into question the NFL’s seriousness in regard to domestic violence. The NFL needed to get the next one right. Enter Ezekiel Elliott.

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Concussion discussion

Former NFL Players Seek Recognition of “Living CTE”

By Sheilla Dingus November 22, 2016 In a lawsuit filed against the NFL and its 32 member teams, Monday in Florida District Court, thirty-eight retired NFL players seek recognition of “living CTE.” CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a progressive degenerative condition of the brain caused by repeated blows to the head. The Plaintiffs state, …

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