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New Decisions Issued in NFL Concussion Settlement, But Where Are They?


October 8, 2018
Updated October 8, 2018, 11:59 AM
Sheilla Dingus

In the September Newsletter published by Claims Administrator BrownGreer, three decisions were referenced, an August 29, 2018 decision disqualifying neuropsychologist August Dolan Henderson from participation in the settlement program; a December 5, 2017 decision barring Dr. Serina Hoover; and a September 11, 2018 referencing seven neuropsychologists “who used substantially the same testing and report template as Dr. Hoover,” who would be placed under Appeals Advisory Panel scrutiny.  The newsletter implied that these documents were linked in the documents section of the settlement website.

The documents were nowhere to be found, however, so I emailed the claims administrator on October 5.


Today I received a reply.


Unfortunately, the information I received seemed incorrect, so I sent a more detailed response.


I’ll keep you posted when or if there is something new to report.

UPDATE 11:59 AM:

I received two responses from BrownGreer, as noted below.  The documents were available, albeit in a rather strange place.  They were tacked on to the bottom of the December 2017 decision on eligible seasons, beginning on page 9.  and can be accessed here.  It seems to be a case of “hidden in plain sight” but no apparent intent of concealment, so that’s a good conclusion to the quest.


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