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Habiba Youssouf is a writer and blogger with a communications, event planning and public relations background. She has experience working in sports marketing, publishing and with non-profit organizations such as the Alzheimer Society of Canada. She is driven by a strong will to empower and uplift others, fight against injustices and disrupt the status quo. An absolute music and sports lover, and a bookworm, Habiba is equally passionate about mental health, criminal justice reform, sports law, social justice, and advocacy. Born in Moscow, Russia, to Chadian parents, she was raised in France, where she also studied and started her professional life, before moving to Toronto, Canada, in 2009, where she still resides. Her blog is errythangnanythang.com

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Events Calendar

vintage map

How many times have you heard about a fantastic event the day after it occurred?  We’d like to make sure it doesn’t happen again and so we’ve created an event calendar that we’d like to invite you to help us build.  If you’re hosting a sports law event or another event (think MDL, Labor Law, Civil Procedure, etc) of interest to Advocacy for Fairness in Sports readers, please take a few minutes to enter it on the calendar.  If you’re looking for something interesting to do, browse away

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Reflections on SLAC 2019

SLAC phoenix

Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 1 Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 2

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Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 2

SLAC Phoenix

As I mentioned in part 1 of this review, the three-day Sports Lawyers Annual Conference was a mine of information and summarizing it adequately would be an impossible task. One would have had to be able to be at different places at once in order to attend every session and hear every word but, my hope is that my list of takeaways captures enough of its essence to be of interest to people who were in attendance and people who were not. In this second and last part, I focus on student-athletes in the NCAA, sports betting & gambling, and sexual abuse.

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Reflections from SLA 45 from a First Time Attendee Part 1

SLAC phoenix

From May 16th to 19th, the Sports Lawyers Association held its 45th annual conference, in Phoenix, Arizona, with the beautiful JW Marriott resort as its temporary home and red mountains, cacti and palm trees as its backdrop. As a first time attendee and someone who has one toe (or two) dipped into the sports law pool but who is seriously contemplating jumping in feet or bottom first, not only was this the best and only place to be but the event did not disappoint.

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With the Kap/Reid Settlement it’s not either/or

Kaepernick Reid Settlement Social Justice

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Perspective: It’s Not ‘Either / Or’ with Kaepernick and Reid

Kaepernick Reid Settlement Social Justice

February 15th, 2019, started with the surprising announcement that the National Football League had settled the two civil lawsuits Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid had filed against it and, as you can imagine, the news was met with widely different reactions based on where people stood on the cases. To put it simply, if you were pro­Kaepernick and pro­Reid, you saw it as a win for the two men. David had just dealt a big blow to Goliath. If you were on the side of the league, you saw it as a win for this big and powerful institution. They had proven once again that they could not be touched. The truth lies somewhere in­between

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