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Nov 12

First Look at the Tentative NHL Concussion Settlement

This is going to take two installments.  Here’s the first one. Also on today’s docket–Derek Helling revisits an 1857 Supreme Court decision. In response to yet another useless, tweet of BAP statistics, Sheilla wrote an open letter to Chris Seeger as shown below:

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Nov 09

The NFL’s going nuclear in their latest appeal to the court

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Nov 07

Former Vikings Sharrif Floyd sues doctor for career ending medical malpractice

For additional legal analysis and perspective please see Michael McCann’s in depth feature for Sports Illustrated: A Deep Dive Into Sharrif Floyd’s $180 Million Lawsuit Against Dr. James Andrews Here’s another worthwhile read.  Deadspin’s Dom Cosentino read Merril Hoge’s book, “Brainwashed” and interviewed Hoge twice. He also did the homework and read oodles of CTE …

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Nov 04

The NFL has its “hit men” on the attack to kill Alzheimer’s and dementia claims.

Also….The NFL is using sleep apnea to deny claims and requiring proof of CPAP usage.  Learn how to protect yourself in our guest post by Dr. John Flucke.

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Oct 22

Why is the NFL bullying a toddler?

A breakdown of the Hernandez suit against the NFL may be their toughest challenge yet if it can clear a couple of hurdles the NFL has tossed in its path.  Read our breakdown of the dueling briefs that stand to determine the scope of the NFL’s liability to the public…and to a small child who …

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Oct 12

Unpublished Concussion Settlement Special Masters Order Shields Players from Latest NFL Ambush

NOTE: This ruling governs the denial of the NFL’s request for mandatory AAP review of appealed claims.  A breakdown of their ruling on the “generally consistent” standard can be found here.

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Sep 29

Concussion Settlement Opt-Outs are Reaching Settlements with the NFL

The original article begins with a question, however a new filing further indicates the answer, is “YES.”

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Sep 17

NFL Attempts to Sabotage Concussion Settlement Claims; Attorneys Respond

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Sep 14

Judge Brody Approves Fraud Investigator for Concussion Settlement

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Sep 02

Joe Murphy Needs Our Help!

Joe Murphy’s name is engraved on the #NHL Stanley Cup. Due to brain injury he’s now homeless and the NHL could care less. If you’d like to help, here’s how you can. The Joe Murphy Long-term Care Fund — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) September 2, 2018

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