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KC Royals Painted Rose Bush

The Kansas City Royals’ painted rose bushes

July 3, 2017 Derek Helling @dhellingsports The Kansas City Royals are a privately-owned business, and free to take sponsorship money from any individuals and/or organizations they choose. As a privately-owned business, they are also free to make statements of any kind on any matter they so choose. What the Royals, and other corporations like them, …

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George Andrie

To my dad, George Andrie on Father’s Day

  June 18, 2017 Mary Andrie Brooks @SalongirlMary To my Dad on Fathers Day, You retired from the NFL when Mom was pregnant with me.  I was your 5th child of seven, so I never saw you play. You were just Dad to me. You worked hard.  You provided for us.  You loved us, and …

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