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Courtroom sketch

Supreme Court Sports Betting Case Oral Argument Recap: Christie v NCAA

December 4, 2017 Brett Smiley WASHINGTON — Before a full house at the Supreme Court of the United States on Monday morning, the high court heard oral argument in Christie v NCAA — long-percolating clash over a 1992 federal law that effectively bans sports betting outside Nevada. The State of New Jersey (Christie) and the NCAA (along with the major professional sports leagues) each had …

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The Atlanta Falcons probably should pay property taxes, but whether that makes them guilty of fraud is another matter

October 21, 2017 Derek Helling A recently-filed lawsuit by several plaintiffs against the Fulton County (Georgia) Board of Tax Assessors again raises questions about whether close relationships between professional sport entertainment corporations are proper, but will probably fail to achieve much more than furthering that conversation. On Tuesday, Oct. 17, Fayetteville, Ga., attorney Wayne Kendall …

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Hamza Abdullah

The Birth of an NFL Career

Excerpt from Hamza Abdullah’s book, “Come Follow Me” “Scoot over!” “What?” “I said scoot over!” “Who are you?” “I’m Hamza Abdullah, who are you?” “I’m Madriga.” “Well Madrigal, why are you so close to me?” “Because there’s no room in here.” “Yes there is. Scoot over.” “I can’t, I’m squished.” “Squished?” “Yeah, someone’s on the …

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The business of college football has produced its own version of human trafficking

The business of college football has produced its own version of human trafficking

An Interview with Robert Green October 22, 2017 Derek Helling Every year, the passage of another college football season spans from August through January, and the economic machine keeps thousands of people in industries from foodservice to retail apparel busy. As with most businesses of this scale, there are stories of altruistic endeavors, along with …

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KC Royals Painted Rose Bush

The Kansas City Royals’ painted rose bushes

July 3, 2017 Derek Helling @dhellingsports The Kansas City Royals are a privately-owned business, and free to take sponsorship money from any individuals and/or organizations they choose. As a privately-owned business, they are also free to make statements of any kind on any matter they so choose. What the Royals, and other corporations like them, …

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Irv Eatman

Transitioning From Sideline to Boardroom

For many  NFL players, the biggest challenge they will ever face is not being a pro football player; it will be the challenge of transitioning into the regular workplace. There is a common public perception is that most  NFL players play for ten plus years, make hundreds millions of dollars and have all types of career opportunities awaiting them as soon as they remove their pads for the last time.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The average NFL player has a career of less than four years and certainly does not collect tens of millions in income within what is in average about 3.7 years. The reason the public is misled by the large contracts they see in the media is because those contracts are portrayed as normal, not as exceptions to the rule. That is not to say NFL players are not very well compensated, they are relative to the general workforce, but in most cases they will receive that money for a very short amount of time and most NFL contracts are not guaranteed. Obviously the ability to successfully  transition from a career in the NFL to other careers is dependent on financial stability but there are other factors that greatly affect a players ability to make a successful transition.

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While the world watches the World Cup, the view has been carefully crafted

The latest episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel details how the Russian government has squashed domestic journalists who have challenged the practices of the nation’s sporting industry. The methods have included everything from harassment to assassination.

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