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Judge Anita Brody’s Feb. 8 Concussion Settlement Conference


February 8, 2017

Judge Brody ‘s concussion settlement conference was livestreamed this morning so I took advantage and got a few notes in addition to some screen captures, and tweeted it out.  Here’s the Twitter summary in case you may have missed anything.

Since online registration was highly recommended, Judge Brody expressed concern regarding those without online access. There is a form that is downloadable from the concussion settlement website that can be completed thorough postal mail, but both claims adminsitrators and Class Member Counsel seemed to highly favor online submission. They also emphasized that if a player cannot complete the registration he should designate a family member to do so if not represented by an attorney.


Over and again emphasis was placed on meeting the August 7, 2017 registration deadline, regardless of current symptoms or lack thereof. Class Counsel Chris Seeger: “No one can afford to miss the deadline.  If symptoms start twenty years from now and you’re not registered, you’ll be out.”

Another major emphasis at the conference was the difference between registering for information and registering for an award.  Seeger stated that over 12,000 people have signed up for information, but so far only 2917 players have registered for the award pay-out.  Therefore, if you’re a player, it’s well worth going back to double check where you’re registered, especially if you’re not represented by an attorney.  According to Seeger, 43% of enrollees so far have been Pro Se.

The people who may register include former football players, a designated family member (representative claimant), or a derivative claimant of a deceased football player, as well as representative legal counsel.

Baseline assessments will begin 6/6/17 and will consist of neurological and psychological examinations.  These will be scheduled through the Class Adminstrators.  Players who have accrued 1/2 season or more in the NFL are eligible to register for the Class.  Some training camp players may also be eligible.  88 Plan and other CBA negotiated benefits will not be impacted nor will they affect award eligiblity.  Additionally, NFL Counsel Brad Karp stated that the NFL does not object to opt-outs reconsidering and registering for the Class Settlement. (For obvous reasons, I seriously doubt they would, but it seems to be official now.)

One more thing…

Mention was made of the lawsuit linked below and concern was expressed that possibly more players have been unfairly expoited through exhorbant interest rates or scams.  Judge Brody said that anyone who feels they may have been victimized in this manner should contact the court.

Concussion Settlement Website

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