Pro Se Motion withheld from docket in NFL Concussion Settlement – Why?

George Andrie

April 4, 2018
Sheilla Dingus

Last week I reported on a motion filed by Locks Law Firm seeking to work as administrative counsel in the NFL Concussion Settlement in order to correct the failings of the settlement caused by the NFL’s aggressive stance against legitimate claims coupled with Co-Lead Class Counsel Chris Seeger’s inability or unwillingness to defend the players he was appointed to represent.  The motion carefully details fourteen points in which the settlement has been amended, at least in practice, in ways favorable to the NFL and detrimental to the players it was purposed to compensate for the results of brain injury from their NFL careers.  More than twenty law firms filed joinder to the motion, pleading the court for administrative relief.  One pro se Class Member also filed a joinder as is the right of those who are self-represented, but for reasons yet to be explained, the motion was neither acknowledged by the Court nor posted to the docket as protocol would demand.

In accordance with protocols for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Court, Mary Brooks who is the legal representative for her father, former Cowboys’ defensive end George Andrie, who is incapacitated by dementia, but nevertheless was denied in the Settlement wrote a letter to Judge Brody asking permission to file a motion and because of the abbreviated time limit imposed by Judge Brody’s order enclosed the motion with the letter.  Advocacy for Fairness in Sports has obtained copies of of both the  letter to Judge Brody and the joinder motion, is copied below.  The motion is embedded beneath in its entirety.

 Dear Honorable Judge Anita Brody,

I speak on behalf of my Dad, George Andrie, who is a plaintiff in the NFL Concussion settlement.  He is no longer able to represent himself, as he has debilitating dementia from playing football for 11 seasons in the NFL.

I am asking you for permission to file this motion to your court that is attached. I attached this in the interest of time, as it appears the deadline for filing a joinder is quickly approaching. I send this motion in good faith and in the hopes that these NFL players are administered the money they all deserve.  The years of suffering have dismantled families, ruined finances, and left a carnage of pain and despair in the lives of all involved.

I sincerely hope that you will allow this motion to be allowed.  I have been doing this for my Dad, pro se, and it is so important to me on behalf of him to speak out for justice in this settlement.

I need to get my Dad the award he deserves before it is too late.  He is 77, about to turn 78.  We simply cannot endure any more of this.

Thank you, Judge Brody, for your consideration in this.  I will await to hear your decision.

Mary Andrie-Brooks

Link to motion

This article will be updated should the court post the motion filed by Ms. Brooks on behalf of her father George Andrie at a later date, but as of now, the relevant questions seem to be, “Is the Court trying to silence her voice?” and if so, “Why?”

UPDATE 4:45 PM: Ms. Brooks called Judge Brody’s clerk to learn if it was in Judge Brody’s possession.  The clerk acknowledged that it had been received.  When she asked when she could expect a response, the clerk replied, “All I can tell you is it’s been delivered.”  Click.

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