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NFL Disability

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Ashmore disability

Ashmore Case Reflects Difficulty Disabled NFL Retirees Endure to Receive Benefits

The NFL has a long and shameful history of denial of retired players’ disability benefits, and though collectively bargained, the NFLPA has been of little if any help in the matter.  Because of the structure of the Bert Bell-Pete Rozelle Disability Plan, money going to compensate retired players affects the salary cap available to compensate active players and thus a major conflict of interest is created. 

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Football is family - yeah, right.

Denial of NFL Player’s Disability Claim Shrouded in Inconsistencies and Conflicts of Interest

“Football is family.” That’s the warm, fuzzy sentiment the NFL broadcasts time and again every Sunday (and Monday and Thursday) to all who will listen. The harsh truth of the matter is “football is family” as long as you’re generating revenue for the league. Jesse Solomon played nine years in the NFL. During his career as a linebacker for the Vikings, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Falcons, and Dolphins it is estimated that he experienced at least 69,000 full-speed contact hits.

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Darryl Ashmore

Why did the NFL deny an 11-year veteran player’s disability?

Darryl Ashmore, a former offensive lineman in the NFL has filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida in hopes of claiming disability benefits the NFL denied him. Ashmore, played for the Rams, Raiders, and Redskins for eleven seasons between 1992 and 2002 and was a commanding presence on the field at 6’7’’ and 310 pounds. Now at age 46 he suffers early onset dementia as well as frequent and severe migraines, encephalopathy, memory loss, depression, anxiety, impaired concentration, nausea, hypertension, chronic pain in his neck, knees, back, wrist, and shoulders, herniated discs, and degenerative arthritis. According to an article in the Daily Business Review, Darryl Ashmore’s medical records indicate “Ashmore can no longer operate a vehicle, loses concentration mid-sentence and has short-term memory loss. An affidavit from his wife, Michelle, reports a decade-long decline marked by outbursts, forgetfulness and fatigue.”

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Darryl Ashmore w/ Oakland Raiders

NFL Admits Denial of Veteran Player’s Disability Benefits Without Review of Medical Records

In the latest NFL Disability Plan response to a lawsuit filed by eleven-year veteran offensive lineman Darryl Ashmore in regard to denial of his disability claim, the Plan attorneys admit that his medical records haven’t even been reviewed! When I previously reported on this story, I noted his claim of disabilities resulting from eleven seasons in the NFL: chief among them, the neurological impact of frequent and severe migraines, encephalopathy, memory loss, depression, anxiety, impaired concentration, nausea and hypertension, as well as the physical manifestations of chronic pain in his neck, knees, back, wrist, and shoulders attributed to herniated discs, and degenerative arthritis.

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