The Blitz 11/24/16

Happy Thanksgiving from The Blitz

Just in Time for Thanksgiving:

Concussions & CTE:

Mishaps in the NFL:

Will There Be a MLB Lockout?

NHL Vegas Expansion Team Unveiled:

NCAA Troubles:

High School Football Championship Decided in Court:

For those interested in more on this story, check out the Twitter feeds of Michael O’Brien, who live-tweeted the courtroom drama and Dan Werly, who provided some excellent commentary.

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The Blitz 11/23/16

Around the NFL:

Concussion Discussion:

Don’t overlook this one – shocking and important evaluation of the Harvard Study

In the NHL:

Will there be a lockout in MLB?

NBA News:

NCAA News:

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The Blitz 11/22/16

Concussions & CTE:

Here’s a quick run-down on the suit that I wrote this morning:

Note: Darryl Ashmore, who has been denied disability (story here) is a plaintiff in this suit.  NFL Disability Board has responded to his appeal; expect update later today.

Elsewhere in the NFL:

Derrick Rose Sexual Assault Case:


Ed O’Bannon Interview

The Myth of Athletic Scholarship

Exasperated Sandusky Judge Withdraws from Case

USA Gymnastics:

This & That:

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The Blitz 11/21/16

NFL Exec Believes Trump Presidency Will Signal a Return to Violent Football:

Bio-Ethics & Sports:

Concussion Discussion:

This & That:

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The Blitz 11/20/16

Game Day

Special Feature: Tom Brady Returns to the Bay:

A Trilogy from Bill Burt / Eagle Tribune

Elsewhere in the NFL:

Focus on Concussions:

CBA Talk:

Odds & Ends:

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News Blitz 11/19/16

Around the NFL:

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault:

Doe v. Rose

Concussion Discussion:


Legal analysis of the Vassar v. Northwestern transfer rule lawsuit

DraftKings / FanDuel Merger:

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The Blitz 11/18/16

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault in the Sporting World:

Here’s the first article of a three-part series that addresses some difficult questions about domestic violence in the sporting world and beyond.  Part I is addresses the mishandling of domestic violence cases, setting the stage for the following installments to address the challenges faced in prosecuting crimes against women and hopefully some constructive suggestions for moving in a positive direction on this vital issue.

Beginning at about 19:30 of this Night Moves podcast Daniel Wallach evaluates the ongoing investigation into Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott’s domestic violence allegations.

Jeurys Familia

Johnny Manziel

Derrick Rose files an appeal in civil rape case

For additional info and evaluation of the appeal, I highly recommend reading @WALLACHLEGAL twitter feed.

Player Health and Safety in Professional Sports:

Harvard Study Cites Conflict of Interest in Physicians who Report to Teams

The Impact of Concussions

It seems someone has some explaining to do…

Painkiller lawsuit against the NFL

Let’s hope not!

New CBA’s in MLB and the NBA:

Amateurism Exploitation of NCAA Athletes:

Yesterday Ed O’Bannon interviewed with Michael McCann at the University of New Hampshire for the first time since his historic case.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the interview.

For more from O’Bannon, I recommend checking the Twitter timelines of @McCannSportsLaw and @WarrenKZola.

DraftKings & FanDuel Merger Confirmed & more Sports Betting News:

Inspiring and Constructive Read from Annie Apple:

This & That:

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The Blitz 11/17/16


Domestic Violence in the Sports Leagues:

MLB: Juerys Familia Investigation

NBA Revising Domestic Violence Policy in Next CBA

Inside the NFL:

State of the “Union”

Sports Illustrated’s “Football in America” deep dive has resulted in the longest and most comprehensive SI piece ever.  In it they speak to fans around the country about NFL issues…Then SI speaks with Roger Goodell.  Spoiler…He disagrees with much of what fans have to say.

Prescription Painkiller Lawsuit

Marijuana Policies

Concussions Impact Players in NFL & NHL:

Sports Betting:

New Jersey’s Battle to Defeat PASPA

DraftKings/FanDuel Actually Merging This Time?

Upcoming Changes in the New NBA CBA

Issues Discussed at NHL Owners Meeting


Transfer Restrictions in Cross-hairs as Player files Antitrust Lawsuit

Double-speak – Coach tries to shame player for making business decision that is common for coaches

New Allegations of Sexual Misconduct


This & That:

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The Blitz 11/16/16

Around the NFL:

Josh Norman Speaks Out; Calls for Term Limits on the Commissioner

NFL Agrees to End Ticket Price Floor, Ending 6-State AG probe

Will Last Sunday’s Super-Match-ups end the NFL’s Ratings Woes?

Group of NFL Players Head to Washington to Speak With Congress

NFL Players Ripped-Off in Horse Racing Scheme, Loan Fraud

Team Relocations:

Former Players Seek Deposition of Jones, Irsay in Painkiller Lawsuit


New Amicus Briefs Filed in Support of NJ Sports Betting SCOTUS Petition:

NBA CBA Negotiations & Developments:

Misconduct in the NCAA:

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The Blitz 11/15/16

Goodell’s NFL:

Is the ratings rebound due to the end of the election, or could it be two quality games available on Sunday?

Domestic Violence in Sports:

Excellent discussion in this episode; the dynamic Dans delve deeply into the Ezekiel Elliott investigation as well as domestic violence in the NFL as a whole.  Also their take on how a Trump presidency might affect a number of issues in the sports world.

Not just the NFL…

NFL Owners Reconsidering Marijuana?


Two New Amicus Briefs Filed in NJ Sports Betting SCOTUS Appeal:

Brief From Three Policy Groups: CATO Institute, Pacific Legal Foundation & Competitive Enterprise Institute

Brief From Five States, WV, AZ, LA, MS, & WI in support of NJ:

This & That:

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