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Dec 05

“If I only had a brain”

Two new articles and one reboot, all updates on important brain injury litigation. The new: And the reboot.  The NFL’s disingenuous, all over the place defenses in the Hernandez case had me stumped for a bit, and then, “eureka” I figured out the game and wrote about it in this update.

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Easley and Finnerty may blow wide open the ‘dam’ that Ploetz ‘cracked’

The legacy of Ploetz v. NCAA is playing out in two similar trials, both with very similar claims. If as successful as Ploetz was, the consequences for the NCAA along with its member conferences/institutions could be serious.

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Ploetz v. NCAA

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NCAA is headed to discovery in Ploetz CTE lawsuit

While the NCAA may have won the right to limit the scope of the discovery, the lion’s share of that discovery will proceed unfettered in Ploetz v. NCAA, which argues that the NCAA is liable in the CTE-related death of former NCAA athlete Greg Ploetz.

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