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Why are we still treating college athletes as less than human?

Dred Scott Reflection

In 1857, the Supreme Court of the United States of America acted as the mouthpiece of a society which clammored for the reinforcement of economic traditions along with class and race barriers. In 2018, the NCAA fills much of the same role in its adjudication of similar duties. With the convictions of Christian Dawkins, James Gatto and Merl Code Jr. on the charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud in a Manhattan federal court in late October

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First Look at the Tentative NHL Concussion Settlement

War and Peace

This is going to take two installments.  Here’s the first one. Also on today’s docket– revisits an 1857 Supreme Court decision. In response to yet another useless, tweet of BAP statistics, Sheilla wrote an open letter to Chris Seeger as shown below:

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NCAA Amateurism Struggle Reminiscent of 1890’s Pullman Railroad Labor Struggle

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The Pullman labor battles of 1890s live on in college athletics today


The phrase, “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” has become cliché and that unfortunately means it has lost much of its meaning. Considering the status quo involving NCAA athletes who play revenue sports, it’s unfortunate how little society learned from a similar situation in the 1890s which historians refer to as the Pullman strike.

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Advocacy for Fairness in Sports writes letter to Judge Wilken regarding upcoming NCAA “amateurism” trial

Judge Claudia Wilken

Next month Amateurism will go on trial once again with Chief Judge Claudia Wilken of the Northern District of California presiding.  Judge Wilken also heard the O’Bannon case which also focused on antitrust issues.  Advocacy for Fairness in Sports has written a letter to Judge Wilken urging her to rule in favor of the athletes, …

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Advocacy for Fairness in Sports writes letter to Judge Wilken regarding upcoming NCAA “amateurism” trial

Judge Claudia Wilken

Dear Judge Wilken,
Next month you will no doubt hear eloquent and passionate arguments from Jeffrey Kessler as he presents antitrust claims against the NCAA. You will also hear capable counsel for the defense refuting those claims and insisting that amateurism must be protected. Having read the briefs, I feel there are some compelling arguments that have been omitted, and as such, I feel the need to bring them to the Court’s attention after a brief recap of issues that have been previously and wrongly addressed.

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Loss of value insurance programs progressing but work remains

Nyeem Wartman-White

As the prevalence of loss of value insurance policies among NFL prospects who are preparing for a career as a professional athlete in the NCAA ranks grows, the current state of the industry appears to be trending upward while some issues are still lingering.

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The latest from Advocacy For Fairness in Sports!

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As March ends, the ‘madness’ in D1 basketball continues

Kareem Richardson

A new NCAA D1 men’s basketball champion will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 3 and going forward throughout the year, but it’s not difficult to look around and see outside of the cavalcade of names on championship banners from year to year, not much else has changed in the game. A recent study by Jason Belzer and Eli Boettger for Athletic Director U highlights the fact that the industry of coaching collegiate basketball is still stuck in the mid-20th century. The study claims to reveal discrimination in the coaching ranks that is not only prevalent but institutionalized.

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