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What NFL Retirees Need to Know About Sleep Apnea and the Concussion Settlement

Word has it that current NFL strategies to disqualify players from the concussion settlement can involve blaming the symptoms and effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The NFL seems to be approaching this from the perspective of saying that OSA can mimic the same symptoms and problems of repeated concussive head trauma.

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Nov 04

The NFL has its “hit men” on the attack to kill Alzheimer’s and dementia claims.

Also….The NFL is using sleep apnea to deny claims and requiring proof of CPAP usage.  Learn how to protect yourself in our guest post by Dr. John Flucke.

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EXCLUSIVE: NFL Mounts its Strongest Attack Yet on Dementia, Alzheimer’s Settlement Claims

On October 29, in a letter and appeal to Judge Brody, the NFL launched its most vicious attack yet on settlement claims. The off the docket filings obtained by Advocacy for Fairness in Sports confirm the strategy of “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again until someone believes you,” as I alluded to in a previous article detailing the NFL’s efforts to crack down on dementia and Alzheimer’ claims.

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Oct 24


I‘m uncertain of the source, but I was forwarded something that I’ve been told is making its way around the retired NFL community.  While there are grains of truth in the message, there are also exaggerations coupled with some really bad advice. The only purpose in this that I can see is to sow discord …

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Special Masters Ruling on ‘Generally Consistent’ Opens Door for Cautious Optimism for NFL Concussion Settlement Claimants

EXCLUSIVE: Advocacy for Fairness in Sports has obtained a non-public opinion by NFL Concussion Settlement Special Master Wendell Pritchett regarding application of the term “generally consistent” as referenced in the Settlement Agreement.

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Oct 18

#EXCLUSIVE – NFL Concussion Special Master Issues Favorable Ruling on Generally Consistent Standard

UPDATE: A new article goes just a bit deeper and explains the history and significance of this ruling. Advocacy for Fairness in Sports has obtained a non-public ruling just issued by Special Master Pritchett on the settlement’s “generally consistent” standard.  Click on the tweet to expand the thread and read the entire ruling. #BREAKING #EXCLUSIVE …

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Oct 12

Unpublished Concussion Settlement Special Masters Order Shields Players from Latest NFL Ambush

NOTE: This ruling governs the denial of the NFL’s request for mandatory AAP review of appealed claims.  A breakdown of their ruling on the “generally consistent” standard can be found here.

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Concussion Settlement Retirees Escape the NFL’s Latest Ambush…For Now

On August 31, I reported on a ploy by the NFL to kill a number of dementia claims dead in their tracks, as revealed in non-public documents obtained by Advocacy for Fairness in Sports.  The documents consisted of three letters to Special Masters in which the NFL sought compulsory review of approved claims by  Appeals Advisory Panel members and Appeals Advisory Panel Consultants.  At the center of the dispute were twenty-three dementia claims but the collateral damage the NFL sought to inflict was far-reaching.  Because the documents were not filed on the public docket, neither the public, the class member, and in all probability even their attorneys were aware of a potentially deadly storm brewing behind the scenes.  On October 9, the attorneys representing the players received an email from the claims administrator with a decision from the Special Masters denying the NFL’s request for a stay of payment on the twenty-three affected claims. 

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Concussion Settlement Opt-Outs Are Quietly Settling with the NFL

Despite limited data to work from it appears that settlements are being reached for opt-out claims against the NFL. The first indication came on September 4, when ten-year Patriots veteran Ted Johnson and the NFL agreed to stipulation of dismissal with prejudice of his lawsuit against the league.

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Sep 17

NFL Attempts to Sabotage Concussion Settlement Claims; Attorneys Respond

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