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Third Circuit Opinion Mostly Vacates Settlement Funding Prohibition


On Friday the Third Circuit Court of Appeals delivered a precedential ruling regarding a district courts authority over third-party settlement funders.   As a result of the ruling, many NFL settlement class members will once again find themselves on the hook for advances on their settlement awards.

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Judge Kills Remaining NFL Painkiller Claims

Dent v NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Dismissed

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NFL Painkiller Suit Dismissed. What Went Wrong?

Dent v NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Dismissed

On April 19, Judge William Alsup of the Northern District of California dismissed the only remaining cause of action against the NFL regarding its misuse of powerful painkilling drugs, ending litigation that spanned two-lawsuits over the course of five years.

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Most NFL Litigation Opt-Out Claims Have Now Settled

Most NFL Concussion Settlement Opt-Outs Have Settled

While the NFL has waged a relentless war on the class action settlement claims, it seems willing to negotiate to get the opt-out claims done and out of the courthouse.

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Concussion Settlement Judge Delivers Early Christmas Gift to NFL


BUT While Settlement claims languish, opt-out plaintiffs are getting paid.

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Concussion Settlement Judge Delivers Gift to NFL


“She’s gone too far now.” This response reverberated as strongly as a blast at ground zero because it came not from an attorney who frequently laments the difficulties of the NFL Concussion Settlement, but rather a voice seldom critical of Judge Anita B. Brody
I contacted numerous attorneys, asking for their impressions of Judge Brody’s newly imposed restrictions …

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Pressures, Opportunities, and Rationalizations: Why Financial Advisors Defraud Pro Athletes.

Keven Garnett defrauded

Far too often, a million-dollar fraud against a pro athlete will occur, and the chorus of responses from those in the sports industry follows a similar theme for athletes to “trust their team” of advisors.

This is the wrong response for a number of reasons. Do these industry folk really think that the athlete didn’t fully trust his advisor in the first place? They blindly trusted this advisor, giving the fraudster the opportunity to steal their money …

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Repeat audits prompt attorney to question CA’s perception of reality

Orran Brown Because I said so

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With the Kap/Reid Settlement it’s not either/or

Kaepernick Reid Settlement Social Justice

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Attorney Questions NFL Settlement Administrator’s Perception of Reality

NFL Concussion Settlement Orran Brown

In the high-stakes volleys and counter volleys to determine whether or not NFL Concussion Settlement claims can be audited multiple times, both Claims Administrator Orran Brown, and Pat Tighe of X1 Law have submitted final briefs to the Court.

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