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Latest NFL Concussion Settlement Status Reports Released

NFL Concussion Settlement Status Report

x In other NFL Lawsuit news, Richard Dent has appealed the denial of his proposed class action painkiller lawsuit to the Third Circuit as noted below. His appeal has now been docketed at the Ninth Circuit as Case No. 19-16017. The appellant brief is due on August 22. (Yes, I marked this one on my …

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Judge Kills Remaining NFL Painkiller Claims

Dent v NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Dismissed

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NFL Painkiller Suit Dismissed. What Went Wrong?

Dent v NFL Painkiller Lawsuit Dismissed

On April 19, Judge William Alsup of the Northern District of California dismissed the only remaining cause of action against the NFL regarding its misuse of powerful painkilling drugs, ending litigation that spanned two-lawsuits over the course of five years.

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Preview of Upcoming Hearing in Dent Painkiller Lawsuit

Richard Dent v NFL painkiller lawsuit

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Dismissal of Painkiller Lawsuit Against NFL Leaves Unanswered Questions

NFL painkillers

Everything about the dismissal of the Evans painkiller lawsuit raises questions. The only answer it provides is that this particular lawsuit has reached its end. Why that happened may never be satisfactorily answered but it’s time to take a look.
The short, non-published opinion issued on February 6 barely spanned six pages.

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It’s Game On in the Dent Painkiller Lawsuit Against the NFL

Judge William Alsup presides over Dent Painkiller Lawsuit against NFL

This breakdown of the NFL motion examines and rebuts their arguments.  I’ve included a Dick and Jane primer for Judge Alsup in case he needs some additional assistance in understanding the case.

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NFL Files Motion to Dismiss Dent Painkiller Lawsuit

Judge William Alsup presides over Dent Painkiller Lawsuit against NFL

Richard Dent’s lawsuit accusing the NFL of a callous return to play culture based on illicitly medicating players to hide their injuries and maximize profits is back in the District Court for the Northern District of California, and a colossal “chess match” is underway.

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Ninth Circuit Opinion on Preemption Revives Drug Lawsuit Against the NFL

Richard Dent Wins Appeal

In a long-awaited decision, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, on September 6, delivered an opinion keeping a potential class action lawsuit against the NFL filed by Hall of Famer Richard Dent alive for further arguments.

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The Blitz

The Blitz

IMPORTANT SPORTS & SPORTS LAW NEWS JULY 24-30, 2017 Tweet of the Week: BREAKING NEWS: in need of a QB, and refusing to sign Colin Kaepernick, the Jets have signed Hall of Famer Otto Graham, who died in 2003. — Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports) July 28, 2017 ⚖️Litigation Lane: Study That 110 Out Of 111 NFL …

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Judge Alsup Denies Remaining Claims in NFL Painkiller Lawsuit

Bid to add Carlos Rogers to NFL painkiller lawsuit denied

July 22, 2017 Sheilla Dingus @SheillaDingus In granting motion for summary judgment in favor of NFL Clubs San Diego/LA Chargers, Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers, late Friday July 21, Judge Alsup has declared the only provisions available to players for recourse of injury are workers’ compensation and collective bargaining. Worker beware! In the final …

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