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Jan 18

The Blitz 1/18/17

The NFL’s Deadly Cocktail of Painkillers & Concussions: Part I of a series I’m writing about painkiller abuse in the NFL. It’s a huge problem that demands attentionhttps://t.co/7RcjCSPie3 — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) January 17, 2017 Bo Jackson: Cam’s hits scare ‘the hell out of me’ https://t.co/SD22VWJUg1 via @DNewtonespn — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) January 18, 2017 …

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Jan 17

The Blitz 1/17/17

The Relocation Equation: .@BenVolin: Dean Spanos could’ve been a hero for San Diego. He chose to be a villain instead. https://t.co/rumk9GUSSJ — Boston Globe Sports (@BGlobeSports) January 16, 2017 Highly informative deep-dive from @craigjedwards on why relocation is less common in MLB than in other leagueshttps://t.co/7z8e8Fy07x — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) January 16, 2017 NFL Sidelines: …

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Jan 16

The Blitz 1/16/17

Concussion Discussion: Tuesday: the 1st @RealSportsHBO of 2017, with the story of former NFL fullback Kevin Turner (via Jon Frankel) @HBO https://t.co/Zy0roV06RI — Carl Quintanilla (@carlquintanilla) January 15, 2017 “It’s a sacred cow here in Canada. You can’t say anything derogatory or negative about hockey.” https://t.co/QsPSCZagH7 via @RoyMacG pic.twitter.com/BiUo66jOfg — Rick Westhead (@rwesthead) January 14, …

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Jan 13

The Blitz – Chargers Relocation Special 1/13/17

Best of the Articles: .@mikefreemanNFL really nails this!#Chargers Move to LA Just the Latest Example of How Greed Wins in the NFL https://t.co/vU4OaWej1X — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) January 12, 2017 Emotional San Diego fans dump now-unwanted Chargers gear in front of team facility https://t.co/SxICwyWKNf pic.twitter.com/aqk99Mrpvu — For The Win (@ForTheWin) January 12, 2017 Compelling & …

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Jan 12

The Blitz 1/12/17

This is not getting much attention…one of the NFL’s “dirty little secrets.”  NFL Admits Denial of Veteran Player’s Disability Benefits Without Review of Medical Records https://t.co/CFY9ULkIaz via @SheillaDingus — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) January 11, 2017 I normally don’t ask for shares and RT’s but on this one I’ll make exception. The only way change will …

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Dec 20

The Blitz 12/20 16

Concussion Discussion: Ex-NFL player sues insurer for denying concussion claim https://t.co/bAkOoeFIzb — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) December 20, 2016 Deflategate v. Walkietalkiegate: Jonathan Kraft bothered by Deflategate opining so won’t comment on Giants walkie-talkies https://t.co/2ygIRHSdJy via @PhilAPerry — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) December 19, 2016 Walkie-talkie scandal further undermines #DeflateGate outcome https://t.co/0bjrEeE1cQ via Mike Florio @ProFootballTalk — …

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Dec 19

The Blitz 12/19/2016

At the “Gates”:   From DeflateGate II to walkie-talkies, the Giants are inadvertently trying their damnedest to exonerate the Patriots https://t.co/iB1eZup3f5 — ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) December 18, 2016 The Giants are getting off easy for sideline walkie-talkies https://t.co/mR7fAb2HNC via @sbnation — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) December 19, 2016 So where did the Giants walkie-talkie that just so …

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