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Apr 22

The Blitz – Weekend Edition – 4/22/17

💡Concussion Discussion: 3 active & 100+ former NFL players pledged brains to science. No active & 5 retired NHLers have done so. “We are focusing on hockey now.” https://t.co/GgLJAjN6qu — Rick Westhead (@rwesthead) April 21, 2017 From @rwesthead: Boston University researcher says she’s diagnosed CTE in the brains of four former junior players https://t.co/GQmm2YsA3Q pic.twitter.com/nHlVeTtR1S …

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Apr 10

The Blitz 4/10/17

⚖️Litigation Lane: NFL Concussion Settlement I hope you’ll find my research helpful as I try to sift through the NFL Concussion Settlement chaos. https://t.co/pG6Egw7v1b — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) April 9, 2017 Incredible: a member of NFL brain damage committee whose bogus science helped trigger lawsuits now screening retired players for settlement https://t.co/q2Kp99ZWK6 — Patrick Hruby …

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Dec 13

The Blitz 12/13/16

NFL Concussion Settlment Review Rejected by SCOTUS BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court will not review the NFL concussion settlement. Order entered denying certiorari review. Settlement now final. — Daniel Wallach (@WALLACHLEGAL) December 12, 2016 U.S. Supreme Court declines to review NFL concussion settlement. Here’s my @SInow legal take on why and what’s next: https://t.co/V7sSgIIqvx pic.twitter.com/8WuIswC4lb — …

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Dec 12

The Blitz 12/12/16

Cardell Hayes Convicted of Manslaughter in Shooting Death of Will Smith It was fascinating to watch this trial unfold on Twitter.  Kudos to the journalists and NOLA defense attorney C.J. Mordock, who kept us informed in real time as testimony and arguments were delivered, as well as the verdict.  Ramon Antonio Vargas was first to …

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Dec 10

The Blitz 12/10/16

Speaks for Itself — Horrible! This racist letter, with a threat of physical violence, was just received by @BMarshh54 of the Denver Broncos. America. 2016. pic.twitter.com/lk8X2O6xNI — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) December 9, 2016 Victor Cruz sees a larger trend of racism after teammate’s home vandalized with swastika, KKK and Trump messages https://t.co/W8jt3SQ8gf — ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) …

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Dec 09

The Blitz 12/9/16

Next Scandal in NFL? (if not, it should be…) My latest article tells a sordid tale. Hope you’ll have a chance to read it.https://t.co/TftlMhjhIU — Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) December 9, 2016 Great Recap of Day 4 of the Trial for the Murder of Saints Will Smith Recap of yesterday’s testimony in #WillSmithTrial https://t.co/QehT33l158 Great reporting …

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Dec 08

The Blitz 12/8/16

 Day 3 Update on Cardell Hayes Trial for Murder of Will Smith: Prosecutors call on Will Smith’s friends, strangers on scene to continue building case vs. his accused murderer | https://t.co/euyJpezjLt — Ramon Antonio Vargas (@RVargasAdvocate) December 8, 2016 Giants Player’s Home Vandalized with Racial Hate Messages: CBS2 EXCLUSIVE: NY Giants player Nikita Whitlock’s home …

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Dec 07

The Blitz 12/7/16

Cardell Hayes Trial for Murder of Will Smith: Will Smith’s widow recounts his final moments publicly for 1st time in riveting courtroom testimony. W/@johnsimerman https://t.co/g4h1j9xb1x — Ramon Antonio Vargas (@RVargasAdvocate) December 7, 2016 Louisiana “stand your ground” law at issue in the trial of the man who killed former Saints star Will Smith https://t.co/ChKeLp6peP — …

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Dec 06

The Blitz 12/6/16

Cardell Hayes Trial for the Murder of Will Smith: Jury selection took place in New Orleans on Monday in the murder trial of Cardell Hayes for the murder of former New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith.  Voir dire questioning took place all day and was finally completed at 9:42 PM.  The jury composition is 8 …

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