When it comes to sexual abuse in Olympic sports, enough is enough.

This year alone has seen a 55% increase in reports of sex abuse and other misconduct than last year. That amounts to an average of 239 reports a month… Analysts predict that the number of reports could cap off at 667 per month or 8,000 per year.

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Debunking the Myths Surrounding SB 206

mark emmert ncaa stranglehold

Somehow the narrative around SB 206, and athlete rights to the name, image, and likeness of their birthright—a right that every other American citizen takes for granted is being distorted in the media–both as to what it is and the number of athletes it would benefit.

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Give Due Process Its Due

nfl-justice-Antonio Brown

Much debate has swirled around whether Antonio Brown should be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list or face suspension since news broke of a lawsuit alleging that he raped a former trainer. If the allegations are true, then Antonio Brown should be punished, but at this stage, all the public and presumably the Patriots and NFL have is a “he said/she said” scenario, with the only evidence an unsworn lawsuit filed in federal court and a statement by Brown’s attorney refuting the allegations.

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Opinion: How American Football Fuels White Supremacy

player on a leash

The game of American football should have as much emphasis placed on the first word as the second. It’s uniquely American and because of that, capsulizes American society into an activity that can be studied. The culture surrounding the game mimics culture on a grander scale because the same people with the same ambitions, attitudes, prejudices and values comprise the individuals involved in the sport as form the larger culture.

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NFL Settles with Insurer Westport Regarding Concussion Settlement Liability

nfl-westportUpdated with correction:

Update: Only Westport settled with the NFL in regard to liability for concussion settlement claims. An oddly worded stipulation was the souces of the original presumption that all insurers had settled.

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Between the Lines of the Special Master’s Status Report

NFL Concussion Settlement Special Masters Status Report Wendell Pritchett Jo-Anne Verrier

On August 30, NFL Concussion Settlement Special Masters, Claims Administrator BrownGreer, and BAP Administrator Garretson Resolution Group released status reports that shed insights into the present state of the concussion settlement. The Special Masters report was the third to drop and the shortest of the reports but gave a lot to unpack, so I’ll begin there.

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Labor Lessons From Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown's Squeaky Wheel“The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil”

“I love it when a plan comes together.” This line was made famous by George Peppard’s character Hannibal Smith, in the 1980’s series A-Team. Antonio Brown is probably putting the line to good use as he enjoys a day off on the first Sunday of the NFL’s 100th season.
What appeared as madness to many appears to have been a well-orchestrated plan by Brown to extract himself from an increasingly untenable spot in Pittsburgh and navigate to a destination where his talents might be better appreciated and labor could take a few lessons from Brown’s “madness.”

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Our Sixteen-Year Struggle for NFL Disability

Brandi Winans

Jeff played for Buffalo, Tampa and the Raiders from 1973-1980. Along the way he suffered multiple injuries: Torn ACL, Torn MCL, Multiple Neck and lower back injuries, a broken foot and crushed ankles. He also suffered from repeated hits to the head and at 30 years old, it was the last job he would ever have.

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Luck’s retirement, and pain he endured, hit close to home for former NFLer

Rich Ohrnberger

Rich Ohrnberger was an offensive lineman who played in the NFL from 2009 to 2014.(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

“I stayed in the game but was struggling to remember what the play call was when I was coming out of the huddle. Our quarterback would give us the play, but I’d forgotten once I got to the line of scrimmage. I kept tapping the center on the leg when we’d get into our stances: “What’s the call?”

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Judge Moves Goalpost; Richard Dent Returns to the Ninth Circuit

Alsup moves the goalpost- dent painkiller NFL lawsuit

Judge Willliam Alsup has continually moved the goalposts in his decisions in both Dent v. NFL and Evans v. Arizona Cardinals, dismissing well-pled allegations when it suited his version of the facts, then treating those same allegations as fact later to dismiss plaintiffs’ claims when they adjusted to his moves.

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ICYMI Advocacy for Fairness in Sports’ September newsletter for retired NFL players and families published yesterday.

Advocacy for Fairness in Sports News

Last month’s newsletter focused on some very disturbing news–that of the NFL seeking to permanently disqualify players from settlement participation and pursue criminal fraud charges if the NFL believes they’ve misrepresented an aspect of their claim.
I’ll start this month’s news with a follow-up to that story.

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