The Blitz 11/11/16

Commissioner Goodell & the State of the NFL:

NFL Officiating Issues:

In regard to Walt Anderson – the NFL went against his best recollection as to what gauge he used during Deflategate. Did they think that perhaps he’d suffered one too many concussions and was lapsing into dementia? Probably not. Just needed a particular outcome and Anderson’s best recollection wasn’t producing that outcome. Now Seahawks Richard Sherman has been fined as a result of Anderson’s officiating error. I really hope we don’t see Anderson on the field for the Patriots/Seahawks game. Hard to predict what will happen if he officiates that one.

Food for thought…What was Richard Sherman supposed to do? Stop the play before the whistle was blown? Fine the official? Good luck!

Ezekiel Elliot DV Investigation:

Elsewhere in the NFL aka “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”:

While oxycodone remains the league’s drug of choice…

For some interesting “Concussion Discussion” be sure to check out today’s special edition of “The Blitz.”

College Sports:

MLB News:

Per Jim Baumbach of Newsday Sports, who attendeded Jeurys Familia’s court hearing yesterday, Familia pled not guilty; court ruled that media can’t report victim’s name/image; case will proceed with or without victim’s sanction.  Judge removes “no contact” condition at the request of both parties.

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