The Blitz 11/14/16

The Commish:

Let’s support Dave Garapolo’s petition to oust Roger Goodell

dirtydeedsTake a minute to sign and share.  While it may not be the catalyst that removes Goodell from the commissioner’s throne, the more people are reminded of his >> the more likely they are to watch and spend less, which will eventually cause the owners to rethink the commissioner position.

Ezekiel Elliott Investigation

Per Daniel Wallach via Twitter, policies governing Ezekiel Elliot investigation are the NFL Personal Conduct Policy and Article 46 of the CBA.  For a first offense, a player should be subject to a 6 game suspension.  A repeat offense “will” result in permanent banishment.  Since those close to Elliott say he’s being viewed as “Public Enemy # 1,” it will be interesting to see how the NFL proceeds, in light of so many bungled domestic violence responses.  Will Elliott, as a star RB be made an example of, will politics win out?  Or will they actually follow their own rules and do a responsible investigation and act accordingly?

Elsewhere in the NFL:

The marijuana debate

Former player Darryl Ashmore’s disability lawsuit; I wrote about it here.  The NFL response is due 11/21.

Officiating woes

Discipline (and lack thereof)

Player shoves reporter – no problem

Player criticizes an official – no physical contact – $25,000 fine

This, by the way, is the same amount as the prescribed fine for an equipment violation.  It’s also the first time a player has been disciplined for criticizing an official. More NFL consistency…..Meanwhile, Kelce gets removed from a game and fined $24,000 for “flagging” an official.


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