The Blitz 12/12/16

Cardell Hayes Convicted of Manslaughter in Shooting Death of Will Smith

It was fascinating to watch this trial unfold on Twitter.  Kudos to the journalists and NOLA defense attorney C.J. Mordock, who kept us informed in real time as testimony and arguments were delivered, as well as the verdict.  Ramon Antonio Vargas was first to announce the verdict, and he co-authored this story with his colleague John Simmerman, who also provided some excellent Twitter coverage.

Danny Monteverde, who wrote this piece also provided some outstanding courtroom coverage (as well as some interesting NO historical info while waiting for the verdict.)   His associate, Tony Champagne did the sketch shown below, along with other pictorial glimpses into the courtroom.

NOLA criminal defense attorney C.J. Mordock delivered insightful legal commentary throughout the trial via Twitter and Periscope

And as always, Michael McCann comes through with a clear and valuable analysis:

Deflategate II

The best analyses I saw of the short-lived Deflategate II saga came by way of Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and the always impeccable Michael Hurley.  Both of these articles are worth a read. 

This deliciously juicy take by Mike Vaccaro speculates on what a Mara/Rooney feud might have been like; he says, “Can you imagine THOSE TWO families hacking it out in a Deflategate mess? Can you imagine the seven shades of green that Roger Goodell’s face had to turn Sunday morning, just pondering the possibility that he might have a Rooney-Mara battle royale on his hands?” Take a few minutes to read it – we may never see a Deflategate III.

More NFL News:

Matt Barnes Assault Allegations:

Concussion Discussion:

The Marijuana Debate:

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Just what we need…more fan violence…and now with deadly force.

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