The Blitz 12/21/16

Handling of WalkieTalkieGate v. DeflateGate Highlights NFL’s Glaring Inconsistency:

Sexual Misconduct & Domestic Violence on the Collegiate Level:

And Even at the High School Level:

Concussion Discussion

Will Sports Betting be Legalized in Trump’s America?

I try to stay out of the political fray as much as possible as not to detract from the focus on changes that need to occur in the sporting world.  That said, I have my concerns regarding the next four years; here is the one potential positive I see.  Daniel Wallach first wrote on this subject in early November.  In the first two articles, he is cited, along with the opinions of others in regard to the potential for sports betting legalization under Donald Trump.  In the third piece, John Brennan makes a case that being a former casino owner didn’t hurt Trump’s campaign, and that perhaps this is a sign that legalized gaming is gaining mainstream acceptance.

NCAA Double Standards:

Aaron Hernandez is Back in the Courtroom:

Police Blotter:

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