The Blitz 12/22/16

The Joe Mixon Saga and Violence Against Women in the Sporting World:

Here are some thoughts about Mixon, the University of Minnesota, and what to do about the problem from my interview with Dr. Mitch Abrams:

Concussion Discussion:

Are they trying to kill this guy or what?  His situation is becoming unreal.

NFL Continues to try to Punt on Retired Player Disability:

Player Rights in the Professional Leagues:

The author of this piece makes some good points and brings in a few varied perspectives which is a good thing. The one issue I’d take is while the NFLPA has made a number of improvements for players, they’re dropping the ball in other areas and players like Lane Johnson, need to call them out from time to time.

Challenges to the Student Athlete in the NCAA:

Fan Violence:

“When you’re dealing with 50,000 to 70,000 fans in an emotionally charged environment, that groupthink changes the dynamic.” Good read.

Deflategate Fallout:

Police Blotter:

Sports Betting:

This & That:

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