News Blitz 12/31/16

Concussion Discussion:

The NFL will finally have to undergo discovery regarding its knowledge of concussions. On Twitter, Daniel Wallach broke the news of a New York Appellate Court’s denial of the NFL’s motion to halt discovery. Fifty depositions per side can now proceed, and are scheduled to take place between April 2017 and March 2018. The NFL is now required to provide concussion documents to insurers by March 3rd.

If they don’t settle prior to discovery proceeding, the NFL will most likely move to seal the documents from public release. A higher court has released NHL emails in a different concussion suit against league wishes. Hopefully it will begin to become clear within the next year the extent to which the NFL has been aware of concussion dangers.

Astute observation from Wallach:

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault in Sports

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