The Blitz 1/5/17

Concussion Discussion:

Outstanding piece about some outstanding work!

U.S. Gymnastics Scandal:

NFL Notebook:

MLB Hits:

Sexual Assault and Violence Against Women in College Sports:

Disturbing they seem to take what happened so lightly.

NCAA – Student Athlete Debate:

I saw this proposed Mississippi bill which would create an escrow account to pay players who participate in bowl games after their graduation.  All of the attorneys I spoke with in regard to it voiced varied reasons why it would not pass muster but I love the thought.  One day…

Deflategate and Player Discipline:

In case you missed this…you really should listen to the Dans and guest Ian Gunn discuss the most important sports/sports law stories of the past year. This episode begins and ends with Deflategate and player discipline discussion. Highly recommend tuning in for that and all the issues in between.

Crime Blotter:

It will be interesting to see how he tries to explain the allegations of spitting on a nurse.

The Scoop on Sports Betting:

This & That::

Yes, as a former dancer, I do consider dancing to be a type of sport.

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