The Blitz 1/6/17

NCAA Notes:

Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post takes on the Seventh Circuit:

Title IX:

Title IX is only mandated to schools who receive federal funding. Shame.

Joe Mixon:


Concussion Discussion:

Important Concussion Settlement Information for Former NFL Players—

For clarity, this was written before SCOTUS declined review. The points are even more vital now that it’s a go.

This isn’t exclusively on concussions, but deals with them and conflicts within the NFL Medical system. Good RX by the Doc!

Noteworthy in the NFL:

NFL player discipline tops Jamie’s list. Public funding for stadiums is another hot-button topic. Good read!

Report: Lane Johnson is no longer alone in filing unfair labor charges against the NFLPA

Crime Blotter:

These SI longform articles are long, but well worth taking the time to read. Dan Greene brings out the humanity in Randle’s downward spiral.

The Scoop on Sports Betting

This is the only time I’ve ever seen this defense: “My company’s illegal.”

This & That:

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