The Blitz 1/7/17

Lane Johnson Takes on the NFL and NFLPA

This came out when Johnson filed against the NFL and Players’ Association with the DOL:

The Consistent Inconsistency of NFL Discipline:

Elsewhere in the NFL:

Seems they’re downplaying it for now, but this has the potential to become very nasty.

Concussion Discussion:

NFL Insurers Litigation

And speaking of the concussion settlement…

While it’s better than nothing, so many former players will be awarded much less than they anticipated or left out in the cold altogether.

Outstanding read about Brandi Weinans’ important advocacy work in helping players and their families transition to post-football life:

Not just a football problem…


I don’t see this as the ideal partnership. While I do feel that both the Army and NFL would like to minimize the risk, and improve safety, I don’t see this as a primary goal of either party. Both the NFL and Army appear to be essentially focused on keeping the participant in action, whether on the playing field or battlefield. What’s best for the goal vs. what’s best for the individual….Just my opinion…..Here’s the latest on the research.

MLB Hits:

Nathaniel Grow will be discussing this with Dan Werly and Daniel Wallach on next week’s Conduct Detrimental podcast.

NCAA Notes:

The Latest on Joe Mixon:

Title IX News:

The Scoop on Sports Betting:

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