The Blitz 1/12/17

This is not getting much attention…one of the NFL’s “dirty little secrets.” 

I normally don’t ask for shares and RT’s but on this one I’ll make exception. The only way change will occur is if people know and the league is held accountable. Will you help spread the word?

NFL Relocation Saga:


In answer to a follower’s question: “What does the NFL want here?”


Concussion Discussion:

This is a hearbreaking story.  It underscores the importance of changing attitudes to exact meaningful change.  It’s the story of “Football is Family” gone terribly wrong.  I hope you’ll take the time to read it.

NFL Sidelines:

Four different takes on Lane Johnson’s lawsuit against the NFL and Players Union

“The Commish”

Excellent article about how the NFL seems to weigh talent and domestic violence.

GQ interviews NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith

Josh Brown’s Divorce is Final:

MLB Strike Zone:

This is a “must-listen” for MLB fans, sports law geeks, and everyone else who’s interested in what’s really taking place in the world of baseball.

Crime Blotter:

The Scoop on Sports Betting

Odds are improving!

Title IX News:

***Excellent Takes on the Major Sports Law Issues for 2017***

Click to read picks from Daniel Wallach, Dan Werly, Alan Milstein, and a host of other attorneys and law professors.

And for a great weekly round-up, check this out!

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