The Blitz 1/25/17

Painkiller Pandemonium:

Concussion Discussion:

Double-back on Deflategate:

What a find!

NFL Sidelines:

“If anyone’s going to shoot my foot it’s going to be me,” Kenneth Arthur says of the NFL in this season review.

NHL Face-Off:

MLB Strikes:

Tragic death of Yordano Ventura:

Litigation Lane:

This was mediated last week; no word on if it settled per Dan Werly. For discussion of this case and more, I highly recommend this Conduct Detrimental podcast.

Crime Blotter:

Bengals’ Adam “Packman” Jones tells police officer, “I hope you die tomorrow,” in recently released video.

The Scoop on Sports Betting:

This & That:

Joe Thomas Sr.: “I have a long history of convincing myself that I can do something everybody around me thinks is impossible”

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