The Blitz 2/2/17

Litigation Lane:

Great in-depth article about the new concussion lawsuit against Ridell

Cheerleader wage lawsuit against the NFL

Briles drops lawsuit against Baylor

49ers Sue Aldon Smith

Crime Blotter:

Painkillers, Addiction & Sports:

Sports Wrap host Frank Walsh interviews professional boxer Mike Morganelli, who shares his story of addiction and recovery.

A viable solution…Question?…What will the NFL demand from players to make them safer?

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The NFL’s Domestic Violence Problem:

Concussion Discussion:

Player Safety:

NCAA Notebook:

The Scoop on Sports Betting:

This & That:

Th?nk a Lawyer! 

Far too often in life we get busy and fail to say “thank you” to people who are making a difference.  I’d like to correct my error and offer sincere and immense thanks to the sports law community for all the help and support they’ve offered as I’ve endeavored to bring matters of injustice in the sports world out in my blog.  Without the attorneys presenting the stories behind the various lawsuits and interpreting the same, so many important issues would go unnoticed and misunderstood.  So to those who are on the frontline in sports – and beyond –THANK YOU!

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