The Blitz – Super Bowl Media Day Special Edition


The NFL’s Super Bowl Media Circus in Houston:

As a former commissioner attempts to dig his way out of some ?

The current commissioner continues to bury himself deeper…

Roger Goodell announced that the Patriots will play the Raiders in Mexico City next season.




Did someone tell the commissioner it was “Charades Day”?

So says the commissioner as the leagues run to embrace Daily Fantasy Sports while attempting to nix a kids’ charity event by pulling players from attendance because the event was taking place in a bowling alley adjacent to a casino.  Then permitting the event when it moved to a different casino.  Keep digging Roger…

⬆️ “Integrity.”  Where have I heard that before???? ⬆️

Ever hear of the First Amendment?

NFL yanks Barstool Sports’ credentials

⬇️  ?  ⬇️

This is what happened when Matt Chatham tried to ask Roger Goodell a question. Same thing happened to Toucher & Rich.


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