The Blitz 2/8/17

?Concussion Discussion:

I had a feeling this would happen…

“I worry about, I’m scared about the time if I actually get to that point where these guys [who have committed suicide] have snapped.”

Wycheck says he’d have preferred if commissioner Paul Tagliabue and his medical advisor, Elliot Pellman, “didn’t lie.” Perhaps it would be more appropriate to elect Tagliabue to the “Hall of Shame.”

?Painkiller Pandemonium:

✊?Player Rights, Safety, & Benefits:

Technically I think this ought to fall in the “Crime Blotter” category

Repeal of Affordable Healthcare Act / Obamacare will greatly affect athletes as well as the general population.

?Crime Blotter:

⚖Litigation Lane:

?NFL Sidelines:

Finally reinstated

?NHL Slap Shots:

I expect that he’ll have a story out shortly, but in the meantine, lots of info on his Twitter timeline.

?NCAA Notebook:

Title IX:

?Scoop on Sports Betting:

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