The Blitz 2/9/17

Concussion Discussion

Judge Brody’s Concussion Settlement Conference

Football Players and 9/11 Responders Defrauded by “Settlement Advance”

Judge Anita Brody and Class Members’ Attorney Christopher Seeger wish to be contacted if other players are affected by similar actions.

This could have a positive impact on NFL Concussion Settlement opt-out cases.

NHL Concussion Injury Litigation:

And more…

Proposed Illinois Workers Comp Bill would be detrimental to athletes’ health:

Crime Blotter:

Altercation involving Charles Oakley at Knicks Game appears to be overblown


Athlete Activism:

NHL/CHL Slapshots:

CHL Wage Lawsuit

MLB Strikes:

NCAA Notebook:

Title IX

Not directly related to Title IX but social media impact could very well be applicable.

The Scoop on Sports Betting:

Sportswriter Bart Hubbach Sues NY Post after firing for anti-Trump tweet:

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