The Blitz 2/23/17

⚖Litigation Lane:

Second amended complaint filed in NFL painkiller lawsuit.

This was filed late last night, so I’m still trying to make my way through it along with the exhibits.  Much is redacted but there is still a good bit of new information. I hope to have a story out later today, or at latest tomorrow with updates.

Here’s a short piece on the filings which preceded the second amended complaint

Bid to Add Ex-NFLer Carlos Rogers to Painkiller Lawsuit Against NFL Clubs is Denied

And if you haven’t been following this one, my 3-part primer on the painkiller abuse allegations against the NFL and it’s franchise clubs – the charges, the players, and the lawsuits:

Painkillers in the NFL Trilogy

From 2013 – The late Walt Sweeney was one of the first to speak out against the NFL’s painkiller problem.

NY AG files lawsuit against RD Legal for scamming pro football players regarding the concussion settlement and 9-11 victims

NHL Concussion Injury Litigation

Here’s the court order.

Lawrence Tynes vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bellator vs. UFC

?Crime Blotter:

Aaron Hernandez second murder trial

Darrelle Revis preliminary hearing

Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl Jersey

Michael Floyd DUI

Jung Ho Kang DUI

NY Giants ticket scam

?Concussion Discussion:

Danica Patrick speaks out about concussions in NASCAR



?NBA Hoops:

?NCAA Notebook:

USA Gymnastics

The March is On!

Former Vols basketball coach Donnie Tyndale to file federal lawsuit against NCAA


?At the Races:

?The Scoop on Sports Betting:

?⚖Congratulations to Dan Werly on a very cool achievement.  And kudos to ABA for the selection!⚖?

BTW – If you didn’t already know this.  Dan is the managing editor at The White Bronco, the American Bar Association’s top-ranked sports law blog!

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This is a great opportunity for those in Boston and the New England states!

The courts have kept me pretty busy as of late, so here’s a link to my most recent articles ICYMI.

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