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While marijuana presents a potentially safer alternative to opioids and NSAIDS, will it overcome the current political climate and NFL’s stubborn position regarding its use?

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NFL vs. Insurers:

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Justin Staple vs. Trump Hotel

James McManus vs. Newcastle Knights

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey Civil Trial

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Matt Elam released from Ravens after drug arrest

Perhaps we’ll never know, but I can help but wonder if the Oxycodone in his possession came by way of his team’s doctors and trainers….

Baker Mayfield

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Title IX


USA Gymnastics

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This article has nothing in particular to do with sports, but everything to do with life because it analyzes how we think.  I’ve long held to the information brought out in these studies (which in its own way could be a confirmation of the validity of the studies), so I really hope you’ll give this a read and consider the content.  Perhaps if we understand why we think and act as we do, it can be a catalyst for positive change.  Thanks to law professor Jody David Armour for this find!

Muhammad Ali Jr. detention

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