The Blitz Special Edition 3/3/17 Concussions & CTE

The Blitz - Concussions & CTE
Today’s biggest headline grabber is the NHL’s most recent attempts to discredit the science of concussions and CTE, and because of this, I decided to put out a special edition of the Blitz to focus on this important issue.  The sports leagues need to realize that people are watching, and moreover, that they care, and in that vein, please consider re-tweeting items you feel are important or sharing articles on Facebook or other social media platforms in order to insure that coverage of this doesn’t slip through the cracks.  In this issue I’ve tried to round up some recent essential information.  Pass it on.

?NHL seeks to deny concussion/CTE link with sports related head trauma:

While the NHL’s been trying to avoid damages in a class-action lawsuit for a while, hiring their own Exponent-style “expert” who seeks to discredit the work of researcher such as Dr. Bennet Omalu and Dr. Ann McKee, I found these tweets by TSN’s Rick Westhead shocking. – (Note – Westhead’s been on top of this lawsuit from the beginning and is a phenomenal source of info in that regard.)

NFLCSFacts located the study:
(And compared it to another study we’re all aware of)

Law360’s Zach Zagger covered BU researcher Dr. Ann McKee’s Response:

Dr. Bennet Omalu addressed the NHL’s aggressive attacks on CTE research earlier this month:

?Here’s some recent and relevant concussion discussion as it relates to the NFL:

Concussions are also a concern in other sports:





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