The Blitz 3/4/17 Weekend Edition

 ⚖️Litigation Lane:

Karl Towns Sr. vs. Crunch?

CHL minimum wage lawsuit

Los Angeles Lakers / Jeanie Buss

Lane Johnson

?Crime Blotter:

Davone Bess

Darrelle Revis

Matt Barnes

Charles Oakley

?Concussion Discussion:

Concussion Legacy Foundation

Dr. Bennet Omalu honored

Article about first known case of CTE in person w/o known concussion history

My initial thoughts in this regard. (1.) Not all concussions are documented.  May or may not be a factor.  (2.) It is indisputable that cigarette smoking increases likelihood of lung cancer, however some people who’ve never smoked are diagnosed with this disease.  (3.) We may not understand every factor that contributes to or increases risk of a disease, but we cannot disregard that which IS known.

⚠️Player Safety:

✊?Athlete Activism:

This isn’t a formal protest.  Instead it’s an example of athletes doing something good and productive for others and for society.

?NFL Sidelines:

⚾️MLB Strikes:

?The Scoop on Sports Betting:

Incredible opportunity at SXSW to see some of the very best in action!

?This & That:

Okay, it’s not sports —– but it is a great read! ?

Honored to have my NFL Wife: Conversation with Cyndy Feasel article included in this edition of PatsPulpit links. Check it out – lots of interesting reading!

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