The Blitz 4/14/17

?Steelers Owner Dan Rooney Dies:

⚖️Litigation Lane:

Eli Manning

High-end Memorabilia Theft

City of St. Louis vs. NFL 

NFL Concussion Settlement

Sex Tape Lawsuit

Lane Johnson

Derrick Rose

USA Football / Pop Warner

Likeness and “Right of Publicity” Maloney vs. T3 Media

?Crime Blotter:


Aaron Hernandez

Today begins day six of jury deliberations. Thus far the jury has spent 32 hours in deliberations

Louis Murphy

on the other hand…

?NFL Sidelines:

Raiders to Vegas

Regardless of your feelings about the Raiders’ move, this is an incredible piece of journalism revealing a largely untold behind-the-scenes story.

A Peek Inside the Mind of Bill Belichick

?NHL Breakaways:

?NCAA Notebook:

NC HB 728 Threatens Succession from ACC



?Concussion Discussion:

?The Scoop on Sports Betting:

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