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The NFL – Is the shield soiled?

⚖️Conduct Detrimental:

In this new Conduct Detrimental episode, Daniel Wallach and Dan Werly take on the Aaron Hernandez “not guilty” verdict, Eli Manning and the Giants’ “Memorabiliagate” developments and the relocation lawsuit brought by the City of St. Louis against the NFL and how it may impact relocations going forward.  ❗️SPOILER ALERT❗️  Wallach says, “It may be time for the NFL to face a significant defeat.”  Make sure you give this a listen!

Aaron Hernandez commits suicide in prison cell:

Initial thoughts: I awoke to the news of Hernandez’s suicide, still pretty fresh at the time of this post.  If Hernandez was guilty of murder, which is likely, that can no way be condoned.  Yet still I see tragedy in so many wasted lives – those of the victim(s) as well as his own.

I can’t help but believe that in the worst of us there is a glimmer of good and in the best, a sliver of darkness.
As such, these are the images I can’t seem to erase from mind’s eye:

In view of all that’s happened, I thought it would be appropriate to link to this well done Sports Illustrated longform article which traces Aaron Hernandez’s downward spiral through the eyes of his brother.  Reading it only adds to the complex tragedy that turned so many lives upside down.

?NFL Concussion Settlement:

?Painkiller Pandemonium:

New filing in the NFL Clubs painkiller lawsuit

A casual reading of the complaint would indicate players seek damages from concealment and masking of their injuries by way of imprudent use of painkillers, however . . .
(NOTE:) Apologies to regular readers if you’ve already seen this – but since it’s not getting a great deal of coverage, I thought I’d run it one more days for those who may have missed it.

It’s interesting to note that the NFL Clubs reference the players’ disability and workers’ compensation applications in order to infer that the injuries were football related and therefore outside the statute of limitations (which they would be if they were suing in that regard.)  I did a little digging and learned that all but four players (Evans – deceased; Renfro and Greene; and Ashmore (currently appealing a denial) were granted disability in some form.  Their argument is that the players were injured from playing football, which they were, but the Clubs attempt to divert the allegations of how players were pressured to play through injuries with the over-use of painkillers which amplified and exacerbated the problem.  The players state that it was many years after their injuries occurred, or for some, internal organ damage surfaced, that the correlation between the painkillers and their current health problems was realized.  The manner in which the Court views the statute of limitations will likely be one of the biggest factors and hurdles for the players to overcome in this case.

Remainder of #NFL Clubs #PainkillerLawsuit filing seeks Summary Judgment on Statute of Limitations grounds

— Sheilla Dingus (@SheillaDingus) April 16, 2017

?Concussion Protocol:

?Cannabis Conversation:

⚖️Strikes for Kids vs. NFL:

?Raiders to Vegas:

⚖️Lane Johnson vs. NFLPA, NFL:

I’d love to see Lane Johnson pull this one out. Too many players have been suspended because they’re unsure of what’s legal.

This is status quo for the NFL, but it doesn’t seem right to see Jeffrey Kessler sitting on that side of the table.

⚖️City of St. Louis vs. NFL:

⚖️Eli Manning  Memorabilia Lawsuit:

✊?Player Activism:

?Joe Mixon:

?Celebration Penalties:

?This & That:

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