The Blitz 6/13/17

⚖️Litigation Lane:

Strikes for Kids vs. NFL

The NFL of course filed an objection to Strikes for Kids argument.  Ultimately the District, and not Magistrate judge will have to make the final determination.

Bernie Nicholls and Gary Leeman vs. NHL

Boogaard vs. NHL

Donald Gobert vs. NCAA, University of Tulsa

Rebel Rags Lawsuit

City of Santa Clara vs. City of Santa Clara

?Crime Blotter:

Rex and Rob Ryan

Lorenzo Maulden

Roger Lewis

?The Scoop on Sports Betting:

Here’s how to do it!

?NFL Sidelines:

?NCAA Notebook:

?Concussion Discussion:

✊?✊Athlete Activism:

This & That:

(I read McCann’s Harvard Law paper a while back and loved it. So many ways this concept could be utilized!)

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