The Blitz July 4 – 9, 2017

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⚖️Litigation Lane

CHL Minimum Wage Lawsuit

Derek Boogaard

Lane Johnson vs. NFL, NFLPA

Also noteworthy in this case. Judge Loi’s order, while an accurate assessment of fact, will likely make it much harder for players who seek to vacate an arbitration award, to be able to do so outside SDNY in the future.

Venus Williams

Minor League Baseball Minimum Wage Lawsuit

Nadia Axakowsky v. NFL Films

Eli Manning Memorabilia Lawsuit


Larry Nassar/MSU/USA Gymnastics

Racist Allegations Against the Atlanta Hawks

SF 49ers, Ticketmaster Lawsuit Alleges Discrimination Against Disabled

Tajae Sharpe, Sebastian Tretola Assault Litigation

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Derek Loville

The story of De’von Hall’s downward spiral and its tragic toll could just as easily have been placed under the “Concussion Discussion” header. Witness accounts allege he killed is mother in a violent outburst. His family says they’re not sure he even remembers or realizes she’s dead. Heartbreaking. ?


Marcus Morris

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