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I don’t always post a “Read of the Week,” but this op-ed by Tim Baffoe is so well done and spot-on I consider it a MUST!  Baffoe addresses the national religion – that of football with the 32 NFL owners and their chosen commissioner sitting as the Football Church’s highest deities.   While written in the lens of Colin Kaepernick’s employment situation the principles of the religion that managed to steal a day of the week from Christianity apply in so many instances beyond and including Kaepernick – CTE and concussions, opioid abuse, non-guaranteed contracts, benefit denials, publicly funded stadiums, the unfettered power of the commissioner and much more.  It’s important to remember that these “gods” are mortals, they can and should be held responsible for their misdeeds.  As illustrated in the Classic Star Trek episode, “Who Mourns for Adonais?” these gods feed off our adoration (and resulting expenditures) but can be subdued when that adoration is denied and accountability demanded.  Here’s to the heretics. ?  If you don’t read any further in this Blitz, read this: 

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Lots of concussion news & player stories this week so I compiled some of the most essential reading here:

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