The Blitz – August 13, 2017

Important Sports and Sports Law News –  August 7 – August 13, 2017

TwitterTweet of the Week (actually it’s a tie – Dr. Johnny Benjamin & Dr. Johnny Benjamin)

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NFL Concussion Settlement


NFL Insurers Lawsuit

NHL Concussion Injury Litigation

Mike Peluso vs. NJ Devils

Strikes for Kids vs. NFL

New NCAA Concussion Lawsuits

Andrew Hampton vs. NCAA

Houston Nutt vs. Ole Miss

Zachary Elias vs. Kenneth Davis

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Stadium Subsidy Suit


?Crime Blotter

?Concussion Discussion

This is a free event! All those in NH and surrounding states should make plans to attend.

?Player Health and Safety

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⚾️MLB Strikes

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Great opportunity! Free Sports Betting Webinar – Tuesday August 15:

Sports Betting USA Conference next month in New York!

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To me at least, this is scary – try getting critical, unbiased journalism from these sources:

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